Yoshiyuki Konishi Wool & Leather Patchwork Coat

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Yoshiyuki Konishi Wool & Leather Patchwork Coat


    Yoshiyuki Konishi’s work is often compared to Modernist Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi, whose intricate, surreal, and colorful buildings share a similar aesthetic ethos with the designer. The Don’s sweaters occupy a unique space in the industry, his innovative use of fabric, dyeing, and stitching have set him apart from other knitwear designers. Born in the rural town of Tsu in the Mie prefecture of Japan, his family owned a Kimono store and he was subsequently exposed to textiles at an early age when he would accompany his family to search for Kimono fabrics at Trade shows. His sweaters while being crafted experimentally and with keen attention to color and detail are often seen as gaudy by some. Unlike the rest of his Japanese peers, The Don frequently incorporated lavish colors and cross-cultural references in his work, such as cartoon characters, eastern mythos, advertisement, and film. Through these subjects, his work helps paint a portrait of the time. An exemplary piece of the Don’s use of textiles, this coat is made up of different pieces of leather hides and wools, with unique stitching throughout to hold it all together.

    Size + Fit 
    Marked size M fits true to size medium (please refer to measurements).
    20 inch shoulder width
    22 inch across chest
    32 inch total length