Vivienne Westwood “Fuck” Tee Shirt

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Vivienne Westwood “Fuck” Tee Shirt


    For many Vivienne Westwood is the essence of British fashion, having dabbled in numerous subcultures such as punk, politics and British history. The designer got her start in the 70’s crafting a wardrobe for the British punk band the Sex Pistols. Her partner at the time Malcolm McClaren managed the group and wanted Westwood to design the look of the punk movement, her boutique quickly became a central hub for the counterculture. In 1981 she and McClaren brought punk to the mainstream with their first collection, Pirates. Her design and ethos were always on the cutting edge and challenged British social norms at the time. A staunch socio-political activist, her garments also subverted traditional gender roles at the time and helped pave the way for unisex clothing. After years of being an anti-establishment auteur, the dame was embraced by the fashion world in Paris and is now one of the pillars of British and European fashion. This slim tee shirt features a reprinted graphic of an original Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren design from the 1970s. The original top was sold at their “Let It Rock,” London Boutique and had real chicken bones chained to the top. The contrasting sleeves harken back to the paneling on the original shirt.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size L fits true to size slim medium (please refer to measurements).
    18 inch shoulder width 
    20 inch chest width
    28 inch length