Veronique Branquinho Black Basket Woven Vest - SS01

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Veronique Branquinho Black Basket Woven Vest - SS01


    Born in Belgium, Veronique Branquinho studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She started exhibiting her collection in the late 90s following the surge of her compatriots the Antwerp Six. Branquinho’s work has always been informed by a sense of romanticism coupled with a subtlety that has been noted by many in the industry during a time when lavish designs were ubiquitous. Branquinho brings to the table her love of literature, film, and music, making references to David Lynch in her menswear collections or having Emily Bronte poems printed onto her dresses. The underlying appreciation for other art never dulls her output though, rather enhancing her signature pieces, the Trench Coat, Knitted Sweater and Trousers are garments she has perfect throughout the years, each with its own subtle characteristics. A perfect example of Branquinho redefining traditional garment patterns, this black wool vest is done in a basket weave that allows for unique textures and layering.

    Size + Fits
    Marked size EU 38 fits true to size women's medium (please refer to measurements).
    16.5 inch shoulder width
    18 inch chest width
    20 inch total length