Undercover "Make Haste Slowly" Small Parts Hoodie - AW99/00 "Ambivalence"

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Undercover "Make Haste Slowly" Small Parts Hoodie - AW99/00 "Ambivalence"


    by Jun Takahashi

    Size 2

    Every part of the garment, such as collars, sleeves, hems, and bodice, is designed to connect to another with zippers. The zippers allow each part to be easily attached or taken off. This mechanism allows the wearer to switch a part of an ensemble with another part with a different color or material, or exchange parts between to entirely different items. From attaching knitted sleeves to a blouson to extending a jacket with a bodice to turn it into a coat, the pieces in this collection can be customized according to your preference.

    Black fleece cotton
    Black hardware
    Center white "MAKE HASTE SLOWLY" graphic
    Black fleece and grey knit exchangeable sleeves

    Size + Fit
    Marked size 2 fits a true to size Medium to Large (refer to measurements)
    18.5 inch shoulder width
    22.5 inch chest width
    25 inch length