Seditionaries Mickey & Minnie (Sid & Nancy) Tee - 1978

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Seditionaries Mickey & Minnie (Sid & Nancy) Tee - 1978


    For the original Seditionaries line, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren took graphics from artist Wally Wood’s 1967 cartoon depicting Disney characters in a massive orgy. Most of the graphics featured on Westwood’s garments remained unchanged from the original artwork however, this tee shirt is a direct reference to the decadent Sex Pistols bassist and his girlfriend Nancy Spurgen. This shirt is an original piece from Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren, produced in 1978, there have since been numerous reproductions of the “Seditionaries” tops which are commonly seen in other secondhand online retailers. Due to the limited production and age of these garments, original pieces have been increasingly more difficult to come by.

    Size + Fit
    All Seditionaries tees are one size and fit true to size Medium (please refer to measurements).
    19 inch shoulder width
    19 inch chest width
    24.5 inch length