Rick Owens Turbo Trainer “Hoof Dunk" - SS10 “Release”

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Rick Owens Turbo Trainer “Hoof Dunk" - SS10 “Release”


    Flowy tunics, asymmetrically cut biker jackets and drop-crotch bottoms were at the core of Rick Owens, “Release” show. The model wore these sculptural pieces with a conglomeration of sheer undertows and draped fabrics that gave the collection the sense of movement. The most sculptural iteration of Rick Owens' “Dunk” sneakers, the Turbo Trainers are done in supple calf leather. They feature open slits that create a vestibule effect while giving the shoe shape a dimension that harkens to centaurs, horses, and other trotting animals.

    Size + Fit

    Marked size EU 41 fits true to size 8.