Rick Owens Black "Dunks" - SS10 "Release"

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Rick Owens Black "Dunks" - SS10 "Release"


    Size 42


    Dubbed the "Dunks" after being pulled out of production due to a Cease and Desist supposedly sent from Nike to Rick Owens. Though there is no psychical proof of its delivery Owens claimed to be "flattered to death" and "swooned." Alongside other Owens footwear options, there is a consistent ethos behind each pair created. Said to be "Monster Trucks" for his feet, as Owens claimed that athletic footwear was too prosaic. Each pair features a stapled outsole, Raccagni zipper, extended tongue, and executed in premium leather.

    Leather upper with an exaggerated tongue
    Off white/cream stapled midsole
    Crepe outsole
    White/off-white laces
    Raccagni instep zipper

    Size + Fit
    Marked size EU 42, fits a true to size US 9.

    8/10 - Scuffing on the midsole that can be removed. The staples are intact, however, the longevity is questionable. Having them resole'd is recommended.  Overall, they have much life left to live and are in superior condition to many Dunks out currently.