Number (N)ine Spider Knit Sweater - SS05 “Nightcrawler”

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Number (N)ine Spider Knit Sweater - SS05 “Nightcrawler”


    Number (N)ine's Spring Summer 2005 collection “Nightcrawler” was Takahiro’s Paris debut taking inspiration from Led Zeppelin’s song “Stairway to Heaven” and other classic rock bands. Takahiro introduced an array of different styles and asymmetrical layering, coats draped over moto-vests and cut-off shirts. There’s a strong sense of Androgyny to the collection, Syd Barrett and Jimmy Page outfits filled the runway as models wore skirts and tighter silhouettes. One of the standout pieces from the runway is this sweater, which is knitted to give the illusion of a spider web throughout the whole garment. The intricate use of textiles and elaborate shape of the garment make it one of the most delicate layering pieces in Takahiro’s catalog.

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