Number (N)ine "Psychotherapy" Tee - SS/AW03 “Touch Me I’m Sick”

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Number (N)ine "Psychotherapy" Tee - SS/AW03 “Touch Me I’m Sick”


    Number (N)ine's 2003 collection “Touch Me I'm Sick” collection referenced both the 1998 Mudhoney song as well as Takahiro Miyashita’s health state, which prevented him from designing two collections for the calendar year. For this collection, Miyashita drew inspiration from a 90s Seattle’s grunge setting. Takahiro referenced Kurt Cobain's wardrobe, including his infamous striped mohair sweater. This white tee shirt features a diagonal “PSYCHOTHERAPY” print across the garment.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size 4 fits true to size L (please refer to measurements).
    18 inch shoulder width 
    21 inch chest width
    26 inch length