Undercover No Gods No Masters Tee - SS03 "Scab"

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Undercover No Gods No Masters Tee - SS03 "Scab"


    by Jun Takahashi

    Size L

    The No Gods No Masters shirt first appeared in the Spring/Summer 2003 “Scab” collection. In Friedrich Nietzsche’s work, Beyond Good and Evil, the phrase “No Gods, No Masters” was first said by the German philosopher, who spoke out against religion and cried “God is dead!” Though he did not claim that God was actually dead. Rather, the concept that God should exist within our minds given the progress made during the Enlightenment. With the idea of God gone, we should have the confidence to strive an achieve our own set values without the reliance on belief or religion. The “No Gods, No Masters” chant was heard from the 70’s English punk band Amebix and passed down to Jun Takahashi.

    Washed Black Cotton
    Distressing on collar, sleeves, and hem
    "NO GODS NO MASTERS" Screenprinted around the neckline.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size L fits true to size XL
    21 inch shoulder width
    23 inch chest width
    30.5 inch length