Moschino Printed Tee - Early ‘90s

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Moschino Printed Tee - Early ‘90s


    Franco Moschino was known as the enfant terrible of fashion. Poking fun at the gaudiness and excesses of fashion houses in the ’80s with unique and mischievous designs like jackets decorated with faucets, dice in place of buttons, and dresses made out of trash bags. Originally educated in painting, Moschino went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, then stumbled upon a job as a freelance illustrator before starting his own line in 1983. Known primarily for his eccentric designs and very public disdain of the industry and it’s insiders, Moschino was met with derision by some and heralded as a genius by others. A celebration of diversity and culture, this printed tee shirt features a gathering of northern Indian peoples.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size Large fits true to size Large (please refer to measurements).
    22 inch shoulder width
    24 inch chest width
    29.5 inch length