M.a+ Maurizio Amadei Calf Leather Wishbone Belt

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M.a+ Maurizio Amadei Calf Leather Wishbone Belt


    A founding member of the eclectic Avant-Garde label Carpe Diem, Maurizio Amadei is held in equally high esteem as Avant-Garde legends like Carol Christian Poell and Yohji Yamamoto. Amadei began his journey as an autodidact, in the industry. Amadei is focused on texture and a unique approach to structure which gives his pieces unique shapes and forms centered around a few seams and fine details. This oversized slim belt is done in a supple calf leather fabrication and features a silver buckle closure that is in the shape of a Furcula (wishbone) a bone that is often found in birds and dinosaur species.

    Size + Fit 
    No marked size fits a true to size 32-36.