Hysteric Glamour Snake Beanie

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Hysteric Glamour Snake Beanie


    One of Japan’s main creative forces in street-style, Hysteric Glamour is known primarily for its 60’s iconography, love of punk and subversive prints. The label was founded by Nobuhiko “Nobu” Kitamura, whose love of the punk and new-wave scene dictated his design ethos. After graduating from Tokyo Mode Gakuen in 1984, Kitamura went on to pursue fashion, finding a part-time job at Ozone Community, a youth-oriented label that was cresting as Japanese fashion steered more towards directional silhouettes. After a few years at Ozone Community Kitamura founded Hysteric Glamour, adapting the aesthetics of Andy Warhol and the new-wave scene and bringing them to the forefront of Japanese fashion. This beige beanie features one of Hysteric’s most iconic graphics, the intertwining snake motif is woven in a glitter thread that extends throughout the entirety of the knit.

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