Guidi 792v Donkey Leather Derby

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Guidi 792v Donkey Leather Derby


    Guidi 1896 S.r.l. has a history of tanning leather since the 19th century, today it is a family operated business that specializes in artisanal footwear, now run by Ruggero Guidi. Guidi’s interest in shoemaking leads him to collect old work shoes, hiking boots, and other antiquated footwear. He started to recreate these silhouettes around 2003 and showed them to Alessia Rhigi Amante, who had recently left the now-defunct Carpe Diem label. While at Carpe Diem, Amante and her colleagues were fascinated with worn-in garments and footwear, they would distress and dye shoes after their production, a technique known as “object dyeing”. She pitched the idea to Guidi and since then they’ve been employing this technique with all of their footwear, this breaks down the leather to achieve unique and varying colors while simultaneously dyeing the sole to match the upper. This derby is done in a donkey leather, leather laces and vibram lug sole.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size EU 42 fits true to size US 9.