General Research Arabic Parka Jacket - AW01


General Research Arabic Parka Jacket - AW01


    General Research is the predecessor label to Kobayashi Setsumasa’s new label Mountain Research. The brand underwent a transformation and now focuses more on utilitarian and functional garments that one might find useful under harsh weather conditions and in campgrounds. The former label's design ethos was more focused on everyday use. The jacket is a reinterpretation of two military jackets: the U.S. Air Force  CWU-8/P parka jacket and the M-51 parka. The jacket comes with a detachable velcro faceguard. Side pockets based on the M-51. Fully lined with fleece, snap-button closure, and a "General Research" velcro patch written in Arabic.

    Size + Fit
    Tagged Size M (please refer to measurements).
    21.5 inch shoulder width 
    26 inch chest width
    30 inch total length