Jean Paul Gaultier Contour Jeans

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Jean Paul Gaultier Contour Jeans


    Jean Paul Gaultier carved out a name for himself as a world-renowned designer by channeling a unique connection between himself and various cultural subsections. Gaultier got his start in the industry at eighteen when he landed a job as an assistant, for Patou, studying under the tutelage of Pierre Cardin. After developing his craft with Cardin and then later with Michel Goma at Patou, Gaultier launched his own line in 1976. Quickly garnering attention for his outlandish and extravagant designs Gaultier became the bad boy of fashion. Channeling different influences from, punk, BDSM to eastern garments Gaultier infused his own provocative imagery into these many subcultures through his unique designs. Gaultier's playful approach to optical illusions in garments, these pants feature a vertical stripe print throughout the leg that creates a subtle graphic of a women’s legs. 

    Size + Fit
    Marked size 28 fits true to size 28 (please refer to measurements).
    28 inch waist
    29 inch inseam 
    39.5 total length