Ann Demeulemeester Cracked Painted Leather Bag - SS02

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Ann Demeulemeester Cracked Painted Leather Bag - SS02


    Setting herself apart from her Belgian compatriots Ann Demeulmeester set her own path by making clothes that reflected her stark individualism, bohemian attitude and reverence for the artist she was influenced by. Ann immediately stuck out from the pack when she won the Gouden Spoul award after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After a few years of working as an intern Ann established her own women's wear line in 1987, entitled “Light”, who’s austere color palette resembled her Avant-Garde Japanese contemporaries at the time, but with a different perspective on tailoring, focusing on leaner lines and more wearable garments. Ann’s focus on the versatile fit of her garments was second to none in the Avant Garde, placing an emphasis on the varying anatomical form, by adding adjustable straps and paneling, the designer strived to make clothes anyone would be able to wear. Ann’s independence from the fashion world has been highlighted by many in the industry, known for straying away from trends and maintaining financial autonomy until her departure from the brand in 2013. Although she is no longer at the helm of the brand, her legacy and unique approach to tailoring lives on in the artist and designers she’s helped shape. A staple fabric throughout the Spring Summer 2002 collection, this paint cracked leather was seen on numerous outerwear pieces. The bags original cowhide textile has been hand-painted white and treated to create a weathered effect.

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