Alexander McQueen Chemical Cargo Denim Pant - 1990s

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Alexander McQueen Chemical Cargo Denim Pant - 1990s


    Born to a working-class family in London Alexander McQueen maneuvered his way through tailoring jobs, costume designing and then landing in Central Saint Martins for fashion design. He cultivated his craft while working at Givenchy, where during his tenure he won designer of the year three times. After starting his own brand McQueen received even greater accolades and his garments were seen on artists like David Bowie, Bjork, and Lady Gaga. McQueen placed an emphasis on examining the margins of culture and society and his illustrious designs broke new ground in denim, victorian dress and sexual provocation striding on a fine line between sacred and profane. These baggy denim pants are inspired by military chemical pants that are intended to be worn over another pair of pants to protect the wearer from the elements or hazardous materials. This particular pair features McQueens signature low-rise cut, with drawstrings at the waist that allow the wearer different layering options. Cargo pockets on the side accent the pant and drawstrings at the ankle let the wearer play with proportions.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size 32 fits true to size 34 (please refer to measurements). 
    34 inch waist
    24 inch inseam
    39 inch total length