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AGE: 23

"Profile" is a column dedicated to exploring the sensibilities of independent creatives in the fashion sphere. A perplexing figure in the industries of fashion and design Jakob Hetzer is an autodidact who sprung forth from Michigan and is now a traveling nomad of sorts who's garnered a cult-like following on social media. We caught up with Hetzer to discuss the ten current favorite pieces in his wardrobe, as well as his outlook on garments, design, and art.


SL: What got you started in the industry / formed your interest in clothes?

JH: When I moved to Germany at a young age, I began to embrace clothing and design as an organic form of expression in new environments. Ending up working in this industry seems to be a natural extension of that. 

SL: What characteristics do you look for when buying clothing?

JH: Reliability, compatibility.

SL: How has your upbringing shaped your perspective on life?

JH: Growing up I switched schools a lot, lived in different places, etc. I got used to being the odd one out and constantly trying to find ways to be easily adaptable, yet consistent.

SL: How has your formal and informal education shaped your career?

JH: My formal education has taught me to appreciate my informal education.

SL: Who or what spurred your interest in literature? And what are you currently reading?

JH: People I look up to in the art and design world would always recommend books to me, I now appreciate it as a healthy way to learn and think in different ways. Currently I am reading “The Uncertainty Principle” by Martin Herbert.

SL: Why is there an emphasis on travel for you personally?

JH: I have a hard time staying in one place, maybe my upbringing has left that impact on me.

SL: On the topic of travel. Any restaurant or food recommendations in the L.A. area and around places you’ve visited?

JH: Cento pasta bar in DTLA, Tusk in Portland, Baldon in Berlin, the list goes on...

SL: Who have you met personally that has had the most impact on your life?

JH: All people in my life have an impression on me in one way or another, the people closest to me have taught me the most and continue to do so. My Father is an inspirational figure in my life, showing me integrity and sense of urgency.

SL: What drove your interest in collecting timepieces?

JH: I am interested in well functioning mechanical design. Watches are a great extension of that.

SL: What do you look to gain out of fitness and exercise?

JH: On one hand it is a great balance to a busy life, almost meditational. On the other, I try to remain healthy and never take it for granted.

SL: What current or older music are you listening to at the moment?

JH: At this moment I am listening to the latest album by Nicholas Jaar.

SL: How have different artists affected the way you work and perceive the world?

JH: Abstract expressionism continues to remind me of the meaning behind great work, as well as the depiction of a greater message.

SL: What do you personally value outside of work?

JH: All of the above.

SL: How do you approach consulting new clients? How does the work vary from each project?

JH: Each project has different goals, means, and starting points. No two clients or projects are the same when it comes to my consulting work.

SL: Is there a vetting process when you’re choosing new clients to consult for?

JH: No. Anything sparking my interest is considered.

SL: What avenues are you looking to explore in the future?

JH: I am continually looking to improve what I can, wherever it may arise.