Carol Christian Poell Zipper Jacket - SS00 “Form-Material-Color”

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Carol Christian Poell Zipper Jacket - SS00 “Form-Material-Color”


    Carol Christian Poell is one of the leading designers in the Avant-Garde world of fashion. A combined fascination with textiles, ingenuity, and masterful tailoring Poell’s philosophical view of garments has set him aside from other contemporary Avant-garde designers and has garnered him a cult-like following. Born the heir to a family of leather manufacturers Poell quickly immersed himself in the trade at the age of 15. After a few years of studying tailoring and design in Austria, Poell, feeling despondent about his education, left Austria to attend the Domus Academy in Milan, where he would receive his masters in Fashion Design. It was after this leap and move to Italy that he established CCP. After a small capsule collection in 1994 consisting of only a jacket, trousers, shirt, and t-shirt a clientele of Japanese buyers went on to purchase almost the entirety of his collection. The consequent year he pursued a more full-fledged collection and quickly garnered praise from industry favorites, being called one of the most “researched” designers of the time. One of Poell’s more playful designs, this jacket is made entirely of functional black zippers. Done in a high neck cut, the weight of the zippers gives the garment a heavy drape. Each piece of hardware was specifically cut to form a unifying whole. 

    Size + Fit
    Marked size 54 fits true to size XX-Large (please refer to measurements).
    22 inch shoulder width
    22 inch chest
    25 inch total length