Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme "Sample" Lace Turtleneck Sweater


Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme "Sample" Lace Turtleneck Sweater


    When asked the question is fashion art, Yohji Yamamoto has consistently stated that “they are just clothes”. This philosophy also encompasses his own designs, which have been praised by many as works of art. The designer’s skepticism towards the industry has informed his collections since his first debut at Paris Fashion Week in 1983. Back then the young Japanese upstart was seen as radical in many circles, his all-black color palette and baggy proportions shocked the establishment and launched the new wave of “anti-fashion” designers that would go on to subvert cultural and gender expectations in the west. Born the son of a dressmaker Yohji always thought of his work as a family trade and continues to uphold these values instilled in him to this day. For years the designer has been interested in how clothes drape over the female form and has stated numerous times how his more conservative garments are used as a shield that at once liberates and protects its wearer. This chunky wool turtleneck sweater features white straps of lace throughout the garment. 

    Size + Fit
    No marked size (please refer to measurements).
    Raglan Shoulder
    23 inch chest width
    27.5 inch total length