Taichi Murakami Cotton Linen Rascal Sweater


Taichi Murakami Cotton Linen Rascal Sweater


    Murakami began his journey while working at an artisanal boutique in Japan, it was here that he stumbled upon the works of Carol Christian Poell, M.a+, and other artisanal labels. After attending fashion school in Tokyo, Murakami was given the opportunity to study pattern making in Italy, through a scholarship program. At this point in time, he wrote a letter to Maurizio Amadei and was consequently taken under his wing in 2009 when he worked for the label as a pattern maker. Here he polished his craft and learned new ways of pattern designing once alien to him. By 2012, Murakami had left M.a+ and moved back to Japan to start his own artisanal, sportswear-inspired label. His use of intricate details and knowledge of pattern design allows each piece to be unique in its construction, resulting in variations of different patterns for the same piece. This sweater is done in a lightweight cotton linen fabric, silver thread runs through the collar of the sweater. Repair on the side seam.

    Size + Fit
    Marked Size 6 (please refer to measurements).
    19 inch shoulder width
    21 inch chest width
    25.5 inch total length