Raf Simons Consumed Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt - SS03 "Consumed"


Raf Simons Consumed Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt - SS03 "Consumed"


    Raf Simons' 2003 Spring-Summer “Consumed” collection was the designer's take on the hyper-capitalist culture that the fashion industry resides in. Raf parodies these themes of consumption, materialism, and advertising in his garments. His gang of adolescent models is clad in black riot gear and graphic tees each referencing different corporate logos and organizations, showing us the merger of corporate empire with state globalism. One of the most well-known pieces from the collection, this shirt is done in cotton fabric with an all-over graphic print. The hodge-podge of references from corporate entities to resistance movements and revolutions, suggests an acceleration of capital.

    Size + Fit 
    Marked size 46 (please refer to measurements.)
    17.5 inch shoulder width
    20.5 inch chest width
    27 inch total length