Hussein Chalayan Double-Layered Tee - AW06 "Anamorphics"

Hussein Chalayan Double-Layered Tee - AW06 "Anamorphics"


    Hussein Chalayan's Autumn collection "Anamorphics" played with the wearer's perspective of the garment. Chalayan made dim, dingy-looking garments that appeared worn in. He gave these clothes different details depending on which perspective you were viewing the garment, plaids featured different fabrics layered over them. He played with small details like pocketing, making some pockets larger on a different part of the garment than others. 

    Two tees folded laterally, combined together down the back and center front.

    Size + Fit
    Marked size 48 (please refer to measurements)
    17 inch shoulder width
    19.5 inch chest width
    26.5 inch total length